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Our mission is to enable the settlement of outer space and meet humanity’s clean energy needs through developing commercial nuclear technologies.

What we do

Nuclear IP Development

USNC-Tech develops ideas from the conceptual stage to proven technology.


Advanced Nuclear Materials

USNC-Tech partners with laboratories to select and develop advanced nuclear materials, especially ceramics.

Space Nuclear Consulting

Looking to add nuclear components to your space system? USNC-Tech is your go-to resource for the capabilities of a potential space nuclear system.

Transient Core Simulations

USNC-Tech is a leader in thermal, fluid, and structural simulations for reactor cores for space or terrestrial applications. 

Rapid Reactor Core Design

USNC-Tech specializes in rapid-turnaround, early-stage scoping and design studies for reactors of all sizes.

Nuclear Safety Simulations

USNC-Tech performs radiation release and dose calculations using NQA-1 and industry-verified software.

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