Why is the future of Space Nuclear-Powered?


High-Performance Space Propulsion

Nuclear energy produces extremely high power densities and temperatures. This enables high thrust, highly-efficient space propulsion systems such as nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) and nuclear electric propulsion (NEP). 

Deep Space Exploration

The high energy density of radioisotope and fission systems enables space missions to destinations deep in the solar system. Missions including the Voyager 1&2, Cassini, New Horizons, and Curiosity Rover have harnessed nuclear power to make fascinating discoveries.  

Space Mining

Nuclear power can supply immense amounts of electricity and high-temperature heat to destinations in space impossible to reach with other power sources. This will provide power for mining materials that will be the backbone of the space economy.  

Powering Space Settlements

Human settlers to the moon and planets beyond will need a constant and robust power source to provide energy for everyday living. Food production is the largest power need for human settlements in space, requiring 20 times more power than other needs.

Our Space products

Now is the time to begin the development of nuclear products for the future space economy. USNC-Tech is invested in this vision for the future and is developing several products to fill critical needs for a sustained human presence in space. Click the buttons to learn more about these products.

Pylon Space Reactor

Chargeable Atomic Batteries

LEU Nuclear Thermal Propulsion